Is Your Brain Broken Or Beginning to Break?

Symptoms involving the brain include brain fog, poor focus, concentration and memory, both long term and short term. Are you experiencing brain fog? Forget where you put your keys or glasses? Having trouble navigating a common driving route?

There are numerous factors that can affect brain metabolism and brain function. We now understand there is not one single cause for cognitive decline. Researchers, in fact, have identified more than 45 reasons. Using the Functional Medicine model to evaluate our patients, gives us the answer as to “why” you may be experiencing cognitive decline.

Identifying and correcting the underlying causes and correcting the physiological imbalances, we discover
through our evaluation results in the reversal of cognitive decline. Our goal is to give patients the tools they need to correct the various imbalances while encouraging a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle to improve brain health.


The Bredesen Protocol is a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition approach to treating — and reversing –early onset Alzheimer’s, developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, graduate of Duke University Medical School, neurologist and researcher.

The Bredesen Protocol targets multiple underlying contributors to Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s a 45 point system that factors in a person’s biochemical and metbolic imblanaces and prescribes an individualized treatment plan of diet, supplements, sleep, exercise and other lifestyle modifications, with the goal of reversing the effects of Alzheirmer’s.

To make this program available to all of you, Dr. Keith Lewis has taken the Bredesen physician training course and is a Certified Physician in the Bredesen ProtocolTM, the organization Dr. Bredesen has created to support patients in recovery and prevention.

I suggest any person who has a family history of dementia, signs of memory issues, or genetic risks such as the ApoE4 gene, undertake the CognoscopyTM evaluation to assess risks for memory loss.  This entails blood tests, assessment of heavy metal toxicity and other toxin exposures such as molds, cognitive testing (MoCA test) and if needed, an MRI to assess brain volumetrics. 

The ReCode Report

The ReCode Report is derived from the Bredesen Protocol, is a comprehensive personalized program that optimizes many different metabolic parameters to enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline.  If you want to start a prevention program or work on reversing some early symptoms, call our office to set up an appointment and go to to learn more about this program and order a copy of Dr. Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s”. You can also sign up for the ReCode Program.

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